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In recent years, Dott's skills in making young stars have become more mature. In terms of discovering talents, it is also to further reduce the age of the players. When the players were still children, Dortmund began to pay attention to them. For example, Bellingham and Joe Renner were photographed at the age of 14. In August, he signed with Haaland. In fact, he was regarded as a target by Dortmund 4 years ago. At the same time, you have to admire that their accuracy in identifying talents is getting higher and higher.

近年来,多特(Dott)培养年轻明星的技能变得更加成熟。在发现人才方面,还需要进一步降低球员的年龄。当球员还很小的时候,多特蒙德就开始关注他们。例如,贝灵汉(Bellingham)和乔·雷纳(Joe Renner)在14岁时被拍照。八月,他与哈兰(Haaland)签约。实际上,四年前他被多特蒙德视为目标。同时,您必须佩服他们在识别人才方面的准确性越来越高。

Dortmund will use a series of methods to allow players to slowly develop a good impression of this club and feel the warmth of this club. For example, establish contact with players’ parents and agents, give them club shirts and other merchandise, and even invite them to go to Germany to watch the game and feel the warm atmosphere of Westfalen Stadium. Without too much sweet talk or spending too much money, as sports director Zork said, Dortmund does not need to make great promises to their young players to make them fall in love with this club.


In the first game of the season against Borussia, the 17-year-old Bellingham ushered in his debut. He planned to help the 17-year-old Joe Reiner score a goal. In the second half, the 20-year-old Harland played May. In the second start, the 20-year-old Sancho gave an assist. In the end, the team won with 3 goals. The average age of Dortmund's offensive fours is only 18 years and 11 months. This is the most exciting young striker combination in Europe. Entrusted his growth to Dort's star factory.

在本赛季对阵白俄罗斯的第一场比赛中,17岁的贝灵汉(Bellingham)迎来了他的处子秀。他计划帮助17岁的乔·赖纳(Joe Reiner)进球。下半场,年仅20岁的Harland参加了May比赛。在第二局中,20岁的桑乔(Sancho)助攻了。最终,球队赢得了3个进球。多特蒙德进攻端的平均年龄只有18岁11个月。这是欧洲最令人兴奋的年轻前锋组合。将他的成长委托给多特的明星工厂。

In contrast, in other big clubs, the road to the first team may be extremely difficult, and they have no choice but to wait on the bench and accept cruel亚搏全站苹果客户端 competition. Bellingham and Harland have been enthusiastically pursued by Manchester United. Bayern have also been following Renner, including Sancho's escape from Manchester City. This may be the reason why they unanimously chose Dort, that is, young people will meet here. Get to the front line quickly and enjoy the temptation of rapid career development. Sometimes, you feel like Dortmund is like a first-class football university, where young people can try new things, discover themselves, and then enter the real world.


This is how Dortmund operates. This ambitious strategy has won the admiration of the whole of Europe because of their ability to buy young people at low prices and sell them at high prices, creating amazing profits in the process. For example, Dembele signed in for 13.5 million pounds and sold to Barcelona for 124 million pounds a season later. Pulisic emerged from obscurity and sold to Chelsea for 58 million pounds. If Mann Lenovo brought Sancho back to England, It cost more than 100 million pounds, and only 8 million pounds when signed from Manchester City.

这就是多特蒙德的运作方式。这项雄心勃勃的战略因其能够以低价购买年轻人并以高价出售年轻人而赢得了整个欧洲的赞赏,在此过程中创造了惊人的利润。例如,登贝莱签下了1350万英镑,一个赛季后以1.24亿英镑的价格卖给了巴塞罗那。 Pulisic从默默无闻中脱颖而出,并以5800万英镑的价格卖给了切尔西。如果曼恩·联想(Mann Lenovo)将桑乔(Sancho)带回英国,它的成本超过1亿英镑,而从曼城签下的成本只有800万英镑。

Of course, these are all representatives of successful players. But even for those players who are not successful or even failing, Dortmund can make a profit from it, and this is what makes it powerful. The Danish player Brunn Larsson, who was widely promoted as a child prodigy, sold it to Hoffenheim for £8 million. Defender Matthias Gent did not even play the game, but the sale to Borussia was still obtained. With 70% of the profit, Emre Moore, known as Turkish Messi, signed a contract for 9 million pounds, which was 12 million pounds when sold to Celta.

当然,这些都是成功球员的代表。但是即使对于那些没有成功甚至失败的球员,多特蒙德也可以从中获利,这就是使其强大的原因。丹麦选手布伦·拉尔森(Brunn Larsson)曾被小提琴家广泛提拔,后来以800万英镑的价格将其卖给了霍芬海姆。防守者马蒂亚斯·根特(Matthias Gent)甚至没有参加比赛,但仍获得了出售给白俄罗斯的权利。拥有70%利润的埃米尔·摩尔(Emre Moore),被称为土耳其梅西(Turkish Messi),签下了900万英镑的合同,当出售给Celta时为1200万英镑。

Dortmund's recruitment strategy even had a certain impact. Lille's Lille, Premier League's Leicester, Arsenal (who hired Dortmund's chief scout Mislin Tate), and even La Liga giants Real M亚搏通道adrid all followed suit. On the surface, this is a virtuous circle. Clubs benefit from it. Players have a stage to show themselves. Fans can also enjoy fast and expressive passionate football. Everyone wins. Data show that since 2012, Dortmund has received up to 378 million pounds (410 million euros) in revenue from signing players under the age of 21.


However, in terms of results, they only won one trophy during this period, entered the Champions League final once, and were dropped by Bayern with 149 points. In the eyes of a true giant club, Dortmund is just a medium-sized club, or a supply club, from a star-making production line to obtain mature products.


When we are discussing whether this way of doing business in Dortmund can bring real success, let us see what is the definition of success, or what is the purpose of the football club?


Any evaluation of Dortmund should not only be based on the current financial background, but also need to see the science and romance in their work. The reason why Dortmund took this path so clear and open is that the financial crisis in the mid-2000s almost bankrupted the club.


When Zork and Watzke took over, they signed untrained young players, which the Süddeutsche Zeitung called a ridiculous young team, but at the same time pointed out that such a policy is not based on idealism. , But out of poverty. Under the leadership of innovative coach Klopp, Dortmund has established a Bundesliga championship team with an average age of only 23. Regarding the honorable success, they have already had it, but this kind of success is difficult to maintain for long.

佐克和沃茨克接任后,他们签下了未经训练的年轻球员,南德意志报称这是一个荒谬的年轻球队,但同时指出,这种政策并非基于理想主义。 ,但摆脱了贫困。在创新教练克洛普(Klopp)的领导下,多特蒙德(Dortmund)建立了一支平均年龄只有23岁的德甲冠军球队。关于光荣的成功,他们已经取得了成功,但是这种成功很难长期维持。

Former Bayern chairman Hernes has criticized Dortmund, their policy of signing young players is for business reasons, which is why they have not continued to challenge the championship. "If a player feels he is the target of being sold, how can he absorb the club's DNA? As long as Dortmund does not change this strategy, I don't think their players will get enough motivation on the court to perform well."

拜仁前董事长赫恩斯批评多特蒙德,他们签约年轻球员的政策是出于商业原因,这就是为什么他们没有继续挑战冠军的原因。 “如果球员认为自己是被出售的目标,他将如何吸收俱乐部的DNA?只要多特蒙德不改变这一策略,我认为他们的球员不会在球场上获得足够的动力来表现出色。”

Hoeness's comments aroused Dort's angry rebuttal. However, the club’s general manager Carsten Kramer said in an interview with the British Financial Times in 2018: “It must be the number one, and it is not part of our club’s DNA.” Perhaps this is Dort’s life in Bayern. The reason under the shadow.

赫内斯的评论激起了多特的愤怒反驳。但是,该俱乐部总经理卡斯滕·克莱默(Carsten Kramer)在2018年接受《英国金融时报》采访时说:“它必须是第一名,并且不属于我们俱乐部DNA的一部分。”也许这就是多特在拜仁的生活。阴影下的原因。

To some extent, Manchester United’s long-term pursuit of Sancho may bring this to a critical point. This is not only a test of Manchester United’s determination to obtain the best pl亚搏通道ayer in the world, but also a test of Dortmund’s determination to retain the best player. , Sancho's contract is two years away, Dortmund can take tough measures, but will they make a statement that they will no longer sell it?

在某种程度上,曼联对Sancho的长期追求可能将其推向关键时刻。这不仅是对曼联决心获得世界上最佳球员的决心的考验,也是对多特蒙德保留最佳球员的决心的考验。 ,桑乔的合同还有两年的时间,多特蒙德可以采取强硬措施,但是他们会声明不再出售吗?

At present, Sancho is not the end, and this situation is difficult to break. Bellingham (17 years old), Mukoko (15 years old), Fink (17 years old), Manuel Felay (19 years old), and also signed from Manchester City, known as the new Sancho Jamie Binoe Gittens (16 years old), a new cycle has begun.




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