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Former Guoan foreign aid Yilmaz talked about his past playing football in China when interacting with the fans. He said that the Chinese have no moderation in diet and that more diseases will come from China in the future. The former Shandong Luneng foreign aid Kiryakov used the argument that Chinese people need to eat normal food and develop more civilized eating habits.


As a literate and confident flower planter, there is no need to go up and line up immediately. We have to check the information before uploading it. If it is wrong, we will look at it objectively. The so-called knowing ourselves and the enemy will never end in battle.


It's nothing new for foreign aid to complain about Chinese cuisine. Since the start of the Chinese Super League Jinyuan era, a large number of foreign players have poured into China. They felt the uniqueness of Eastern culture for the first time, and at the same time they also had ideological conflicts. Lebanese player Arikan expressed his dislike of Chinese food before leaving; Polish player Sahara said brainstorming; Golat and Muric both raised question marks about Chinese food; Urso also expressed surprise at the grasshopper and the tortoise.

外援抱怨中国菜已经不是什么新鲜事了。自中国超级联赛金元时代开始以来,大量的外国球员涌入中国。他们第一次感受到东方文化的独特性,与此同时,他们也存在意识形态冲突。黎巴嫩选手阿里坎(Arikan)在离开之前表示不喜欢中国菜。波兰选手撒哈拉(Sahara)说集思广益; Golat和Muric都对中国食品提出了疑问。 Urso还对蚱hopper和乌龟表示惊讶。

So I divided the foreign aid who complained about Chinese food into three factions: Brazilian Gang, Europeans, and Turks.


Europeans are a standard Western food culture. They pay much attention to the satisfaction of their physiological needs. Therefore, they eat meat and other meat to satisfy their hunger, and pay more attention to the nutritional value of food. In pursuit of dietary matching, each meal requires the amount and type of food, so European food has a distinct taste and a pragmatic way of eating.


It is a pity that the pragmatic way of eating makes their eating culture monotonous and lacks the pursuit of food taste, even if it is one of the three major cuisines亚搏通道 in the world-French cuisine. Their reserves of condiments and records of edible vegetables are far inferior to China. This is also the basis for fast food culture to take root in Europe because it is delicious.


Even French people who pay attention to the order of their diets and have adequate nutrition have begun to pursue the taste of their diet rather than absolute nutrition, especially football players are easily affected. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, in order to prevent players from slipping out and making a small stove, Domenech forced the players to eat bread. He could kill 90 French strips a day, and the kneader almost picked up the dough.


In addition to the world-famous exquisite cuisine, France also has many incomprehensible exotic foods. Giblet sausages and pork blood sausages, untreated giblets sausages, the smell is not something ordinary people can bear. However, today's French football stars do not have such a special hobby.

除了举世闻名的精致美食外,法国还拥有许多难以理解的异国美食。 Giblet香肠和猪肉血肠,未经处理的Giblets香肠,气味是普通人无法忍受的。但是,当今的法国足球明星却没有这种特殊的爱好。

In countries other than France, the upper limit of food is even lower, but the lower limit is similar. Arikan, who has played for Sweden for many years, said that he must have eaten dog meat and think that he will always eat unexpected meat in China. Then we can only be thankful that we can distinguish canned herring. Subconscious prejudice is not desirable. The Russian food is more crude. Due to the geographical environment, they like to eat cold dishes, and the taste is sour, and they pursue high calories. The classic dishes are yogurt stew or Kvass stew.


The Brazilian Gang, as a country of immigrants, the South American leader’s cuisine contains the characteristics of all parts of the world, mainly undertaking the European food structure, but also possessing its own culture. Rice, bean soup, vegetable salad, French fries or mashed potatoes. In particular, the first two are made by the unique processing method of the Brazilian locals. The rice is fried and then boiled with the thick soup boiled in the pressure cooker.


This kind of food has helped Brazil win 5 championships. Some Brazilian players even feel that when they participate in a game, everyone gathers to eat this kind of food, just like a gathering of relatives, which can improve team combat ability. In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the Brazilian team had a poor record. The Brazilian media once jokingly pointed out that the team had eaten less rice with black beans.


Brazilians mainly use beef, chicken and pork, so they created a "Fejoada" delicacy, which is translated as fat boiled Ada in Chinese, adding black beans with bacon, sausage, trotters, pig tails, pig ears, pork ribs, etc. Cook together, and finally mix with rice and tapioca noodles. However, if you eat too much for the first time, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

巴西人主要使用牛肉,鸡肉和猪肉,因此创建了“ Fejoada”美味佳肴,将其翻译为用脂肪煮熟的Ada,并添加了黑豆,培根,香肠,猪蹄,猪尾,猪耳,猪排等。一起,最后与米饭和木薯粉混合。但是,如果您第一次进食过多,会引起胃肠不适。

Brazilian food seems to be inseparable from two things: beans and meat. This eating habit was handed down from the slave era. As the food of Brazilian slaves, slave owners cooked beans and pork offal together, saving costs while ensuring nutritional supply. . It is no joke that the influence of slavery continues to this day. The deep imprint is the sad part of this delicacy.

巴西食品似乎与两件事密不可分:豆类和肉类。这种饮食习惯是从奴隶时代流传下来的。作为巴西奴隶的食物,奴隶主们一起煮豆子和猪肉杂碎,在确保营养供应的同时节省了成本。 。奴隶制的影响一直持续到今天并不是开玩笑。深刻的烙印是这种美味的可悲部分。

When Brazilian players enter China and fully integrate into the local culture, of course they will have discomfort. Their first reaction is not whether the thing is good or not, but whether it is really edible? It's like Muric feels disgusted with chicken heads because he has never eaten it before he is so old. Chinese began to immigrate to Brazil at the end of the last century. After that, Chinese restaurants quickly occupied the Brazilian food market. You must know that Brazilians are very picky about food, and it is difficult to retain customers if the restaurant's taste or quality is not good.


Turkish cuisine is unique in the world today. As one of the three major cuisines in the world, the representative of halal cuisine, Turkish food culture is rich in religious significance. As the only politically secularized democracy in the world where the majority of the population believes in Islam, the development of Turkish cuisine is deeply influenced by the regional and political environment.


The history of Turkish cuisine is divided into four stages. The first stage of Central Asian Turk cuisine: The Turks in Central Asia live on animal husbandry, and their newly developed food culture migrated to Anatolia on a large scale due to changes in the living environment. This is theirs Ancestors.


The second stage, during the Seljuk dynasty: The Seljuk Turks established the famous Seljuk dynasty in Anatolia. They absorbed the local food culture and Turkish food became complicated and diversified.


The third stage, the Ottoman Empire period: The Ottoman imperial royal meal established the Turkish cuisine we see and eat today. After the rise of the dynasty, the noble culture became popular, and Turkish cuisine gradually embarked on a high-end route. In 1453, Emperor 亚搏全站苹果客户端Mohammed conquered Istanbul, emphasizing dining etiquette and food itself, and the royal kitchen began to accept and try new ingredients. Such as seafood and fish.

第三阶段,奥斯曼帝国时期:奥斯曼帝国皇室膳食建立了我们今天看到和吃的土耳其美食。王朝兴起后,贵族文化开始流行,土耳其美食逐渐走上了高端路线。 1453年,穆罕默德皇帝(Emperor Mohammed)征服了伊斯坦布尔,强调饮食礼节和食品本身,皇家厨房开始接受并尝试新的食材。如海鲜和鱼类。

The fourth stage: In 1923, the Republic of Turkey was established. Turkish cuisine is divided into classic cuisine and folk cuisine, that is, royal eating and common people eating. This development makes local people's research on food particularly profound, and gradually under the religious culture Formed a set of own cuisine. For example, the well-known Turkish delicacy Cig Kofte, the main ingredients are onions, fresh lemon juice, fresh beef filling, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, wheat grated, salt, minced chili, cumin, tomato sweet and spicy sauce, etc., just this complex The proportion of condiments is enough to demonstrate Turkish food culture.

第四阶段:1923年,土耳其共和国成立。土耳其美食分为古典美食和民俗美食,即皇家饮食和平民饮食。这种发展使当地人对食物的研究特别深刻,并逐渐在宗教文化下形成了一套自己的美食。例如,著名的土耳其美食Cig Kofte,主要成分是洋葱,新鲜的柠檬汁,新鲜的牛肉馅,西红柿,大蒜,橄榄油,小麦碎,盐,辣椒末,小茴香,西红柿甜辣酱等。 。,就这么复杂。调味品的比例足以证明土耳其的饮食文化。

However, Turkey still has food that is unacceptable to ordinary people. In Istanbul's "McDonald's on the Sea" attraction, there will be boats specializing in grilled fish burgers parked on both sides of the Galata Bridge, usually with pickle kimchi juice. You must know that the Turks have a sweeter taste. Such a sour drink is most likely to be used to fool travelers.


Foreign aids complain about Chinese food. It is more based on ingredients than certain foods are unacceptable. Because taste is common, people like to enjoy food, but not everyone dares to challenge unknown food. This is not necessary courage. . We respect the right to dislike, but we do not accept disliked expressions. We simply stick to a nation based on the disapproval of ingredients and make unreasonable speculations. This is not an attitude of respecting others.

外援抱怨中国菜。它更多地基于成分,而不是某些食物所不能接受的。因为味道很普通,所以人们喜欢品尝食物,但并不是每个人都敢挑战未知的食物。这不是必要的勇气。 。我们尊重不喜欢的权利,但我们不接受不喜欢的表达。我们只是坚持基于成分不赞成的国家,进行不合理的猜测。这不是尊重他人的态度。

Every place has historically preserved eating habits, even locals can’t fully accept it, and personal tastes are even stranger. Perhaps the food ingredients in some parts of China need to be developed, and eating habits seem to be undesirable nowadays and need to be resisted or even eradicated, but that is only a small group of people, not everyone.


Luneng foreign aid Moises said in an interview: "Chinese food can't trouble me. Moreover, you can find any foreign ingredients in the local market. I have not tried food such as scorpions. In fact, in China, Most people don't eat this kind of food either." See how well they know each other.


In the 1990s, Robertson used a relatively interesting language to describe the gaps in food cultures in different regions. “Americans eat oysters but not snails, French eat snails but not locusts, and Zulus in Africa eat locusts but not fish. Muslims eat beef but not pork, Hindus eat pork but do not eat beef, Russians eat beef but do not eat snake meat, and Chinese eat snakes but do not eat human flesh. New Guineans think human flesh is delicious.” For cross-regional culture, use one Only by looking at it objectively and curiously can you discover beauty.

在1990年代,罗伯逊(Robertson)用一种相对有趣的语言来描述不同地区饮食文化的差异。 “美国人吃牡蛎而不是蜗牛,法国人吃蜗牛而不是蝗虫,非洲的祖鲁人吃蝗虫而不是鱼。穆斯林吃牛肉但不吃猪肉,印度教徒吃猪肉但不吃牛肉,俄罗斯人吃牛肉但不吃蛇肉,中国人吃蛇但不吃人肉。新几内亚人认为人肉很美味。”对于跨区域文化,请使用一种文化。只有客观客观地看待它,您才能发现美。

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